"Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought." - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

We believe that a lot of good companies never become as successful as they should be, because they spend too much time focusing on their competition and not enough time understanding their customers.

The search for market research services is your first step in the quest for understanding the complexities that influence your customers’ perceptions and behaviors. Our market research team awakens every day (often at the most ungodly hours) with a thirst to know just what makes your customers tick.

When you work with Mulberry Street’s market researchers, you get a team of seasoned research professionals who have provided critical market intelligence-gathering and analysis for some of the world’s largest and most influential corporations, including Microsoft, Bank of America, T-Mobile, WAMU, and others, as well as dozens of state and educational institutions and mid-sized organizations. 

Our research team will design the research, locate your customers (and the people who aren’t your customers but should be), ask all the right probing questions, collect the data, and figure out what drives your key audiences to purchase your product or service – or someone else’s. 

But be careful what you ask for, because we’re not motivated by just spinning up a bunch of data.  Like you, we want to see results from our work.  More importantly, we know that once you start asking your customers what they want, you also heighten their awareness of their own expectations – so you’d better be prepared to raise the bar in what you’re offering.

As a full-service agency, we go beyond research and help you to answer the question that should be keeping you awake at night:

“What should I do once I find out what my customers want?” 

Then the imaginations of our marketing and PR teams go into overdrive, applying the same passion that the market research team uses in getting your customers to open up and get in touch with their “inner consumer,” telling us exactly what really makes them do everything from reaching for their wallets to changing their minds about an issue.

Armed with concrete data and professional analysis, our strategic and creative teams develop visual, verbal, and written communications strategies that will not only heighten awareness of your company, message, product or service - but move your audiences to buy in.

Let us start asking the tough questions for you.  And let’s find more ways to make your phones ring.

Research Services

We're proud of the fact that we don't offer any turnkey programs or DIY research apps. True market research is based on scientific study and requires strategic design, qualified and in-depth analysis, and the ability to understand the story in the research.

Our customized research initiatives, including qualitative and quantitative components, will help you to understand the factors that affect: 

  • Awareness
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer retention
  • Brand, company, and product loyalty
  • Purchase decision drivers
  • Audience segmentation
  • Market opportunity
  • Customer experience
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Marketing ROI
  • Product development and more